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Welcome to the Nashville Chapter of AITP

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Soft Skills for IT People

    The majority of Information Technology people are initially hired for their technical or analytical skills. If they progress from a pure technical position, it becomes apparent that soft skills are vitally important. Even in a technical situation, IT people have to deal with Users to determine problems and implement good solutions. They also have to work with peers, often on teams.
    In our May meeting, the Speaker will discuss the various soft skills that are needed and how IT people can learn them. Our speaker is Lauren Lucas who is a Performance Consultant for Dale Carnegie Training of Tennessee.

Lauren Lucas

    Lauren will discuss how soft skills are important in many phases of IT work. She will touch on such areas as Interviewing for application problems, project presentations, selling your ideas to your boss and management, working on teams, leading teams, and other aspects of dealing with people. Lauren will discuss the various ways to learn soft skills. 

Note that dinner fees have changed for 2016: 

Professional and Student Members are $25 and Guests are $30.  There is a $5 discount for any registration made before noon on the Tuesday before our Thursday meeting.

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Monthly Meeting Information
On the 2nd Thursday of every month we hold our dinner meetings. All members and guests are treated to dinner and a guest speaker. Our guest speakers range on a variety of topics from Blogging to IT Project Management. For more information please visit our meetings page.

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May 2016 Meeting
May 12th

Regular Chapter Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at the Holiday Inn - Select, Vanderbilt.

5:00 - 6:00   Social/Networking
6:00 - 6:45   Dinner
6:45             Meeting/Speaker

Reservations for the meeting can be made by calling Mary Simpson at 615-367-8083 or email her at

Members: $25.00
Student Members: $25.00
Guests: $30.00
Early Registration Disc.  $5.00

Holiday Inn-Select Vanderbilt Map

AITP is an organization that allows IT professionals from all disciplines and specialties to come together in a social setting to hear about IT technologies that they may not normally hear about.

The Nashville Chapter of AITP is committed to 3 main objectives:

1. Provide a general interest IT platform so that all areas of professionals can come together and learn about all facets of IT.

2. Provide a networking environment that enables a "continual" communication stream with IT professionals in Nashville.

3. Support universities and tech schools in Middle Tennessee through mentoring, conferences, scholarships, etc.

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