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Second Annual AITP Nashville
Student Conference and Contests
Saturday, February 24, 2007
Hosted by High Tech Institute
560 Royal Parkway , Nashville, TN

The Nashville Chapter of AITP is again sponsoring a one-day Student Conference hosted by High Tech Institute. The Second Annual Student Conference and Contests will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2007. It will be at the High Tech Institute facilities at 540 Royal Parkway in Nashville.

The event will include two seminars and six contests. The morning seminar is "Developing Your Career Connections" presented by Tim Fusco, and the afternoon seminar is "Resume Writing" by Telse Saunders. These seminars should be of great interest to all students looking to enter the real world of employment.

The six contests are Database Design, .Net Programming, Network Design, PC Troubleshooting, Graphic Design, and Web Design. The contests will give students an opportunity to hone their skills in these areas. Contest teams may be either one or two persons. There will be a debriefing session after the contests are completed so students can see where they went right or wrong.

The Student Conference and Contests event was first held in February 2006. There was general agreement that it was a "fun" event, and that we should hold it again. The timing is such that it gives students a chance to practice their contests prior to the National Student Conference held around April 1st.

The Conference is open to all college students regardless of whether they belong to a college AITP chapter. The registration fee, which includes all contests and lunch, is $30 for AITP student members and $40 for non-AITP student members. If you know a college student taking IT courses who is not an AITP member, you may want to share this information about the Student Conference with them.

Additional information is available on our web site: www.aitpnashville.org, or by calling the Conference co-chairs: Dr. Gerald Marquis at TSU (615-963-7096) or Donna Womack at High Tech Institute (615-232-3757).



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