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September 13, 2018 Meeting
The hidden lies that undermine individual and organizational performance
Charles Cain - Cain Consulting

    Our September program is brought to us by Jessica Katz who is the Owner of Liberated Elephant, LLC here in Nashville. Liberated Elephant, LLC is a consulting organization which provides: Agile implementations and transformations; Individual, Team, and Executive coaching; and Intentional culture design and implementation.

Jessica Katz

    Jessica believes the key role of leaders in organizations is to enable their teams and organizational culture. This means that leaders must also go through a transformation in which they face the self-deceptions that helped them get where they are but now hinder their ability to support their organization. All transformation efforts are a journey through change whether they be for one person or many. Awareness of one's self-deception offers an opportunity to investigate what is really driving the behaviors that support and undermine the journey.
    This session will investigate the lies we tell ourselves that both help and hinder our individual and organizational success. Participants will be given an opportunity to explicitly identify self-deceptions and identify an action that begins the journey to deeper self-awareness.
Participants will be able to:
  • Explain the common types of lies we tell ourselves
  • Describe how we benefit from self-deception
  • Recognize accepted group deceptions in organizational cultures
  • Discuss the impacts of deceptive behavior at the individual, team and organization levels
  • Practice bringing self-deception and group deception forward transparently
  • Identify a specific action that can be taken to apply this knowledge in your day to day life

    Jessica is an Agile Coach with Eventbrite here in Nashville TN who are a well known name in online event bookings, planning and management. Jessica has consulted with the Liberated Elephant, LLC for the past two years. Previously she was Agile Coach for Cardinal Solutions in the greater Nashville area and prior to that Sr. Project Manager, Scrum Master and Agile coach for the HealthTrust Purchasing Group. She has over six years experience implementing Agile methodologies and over thirteen years providing project management expertise.
    Jessica has a B.S. degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. She has written the book, “My Essential Scrum.” Jessica was an organizer of the Agile Coaching Exchange – Mid TN, and has been active in that organization for three years.
    Jessica and her family live in the Hendersonville area and have been in the Nashville area since 1999. Jessica says she crochets for fun, and her best vacation was to New Zealand.

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